Where Can I Sell My Airsoft Guns? Your Complete Guide
Written by Colbey Warren

Whether you're upgrading your gear, thinning out your collection, or simply looking to sell a few extras, finding the right marketplace is crucial. In this guide, we'll explore the best places to sell your airsoft guns.

1. HopUp Airsoft 🏆

The largest dedicated airsoft marketplace with a Purchase Protection Guarantee, seller protection from fraudulent buyers, automated tools for sellers and shipping discounts up to 43% off. More than 400,000 players have downloaded HopUp to buy and sell airsoft gear.

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2. Facebook Groups/Marketplace

Be aware that selling airsoft guns on Facebook is not allowed. Facebook has deleted Airsoft BST groups in the past for the sale of airsoft. This is actually the reason HopUp was created.

3. eBay

Allows some airsoft gun and gear sales but has high selling fees and vague rules around the sale of airsoft items.

4. Reddit

Allows airsoft sales, but the platform is not designed for buying and selling and the pool of buyers and sellers is much smaller than dedicated airsoft marketplaces.

5. Airsoft Events

Connect directly with buyers by selling at local airsoft swap meets or events. This is a great way to sell, but it's not always convenient or possible.

Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations when selling airsoft guns.

Why use HopUp?

HopUp Airsoft is the best way sell your airsoft gear. We have a dedicated support team to help you with buying or selling, a transparent buyer and seller rating system, and a Purchase Protection Guarantee that ensures you're covered if something goes wrong. Whether you like to flip, find the deals, sell off extra gear or just browse, we're ecstatic to provide a marketplace exclusively for airsoft.

If you have any questions about HopUp, check out our new help articles. Or, you can always email us at support@hopupapp.com.

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-- Colbey (Founder of HopUp)