Date and Time
Sat, April 15, 2023, 8:00 AM -
Sat, April 15, 2023, 5:00 PM

Combat Zone Paintball and Airsoft

4444 Pacific Heights Road

Oroville, CA 95965


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About This Event

Make sure you see that the date for this is 15 April, not 8 April.

Online ticket sales have stopped. Only walk ons are available.

Walk on ticket price will be $70.

Rules video if you're interested

We did OP Homefront in December 2022 which was a big hit but it was very simple from a gameplay standpoint but fairly advanced in the uniform rules.
This event will be the opposite. The gameplay will be more advanced than Homefront but the uniform standards will be much more relaxed for one faction.

If you have any questions, feel free to check out our Discord server
You can also email us directly at

All pre-order requests have ceased. If you want to buy items, you'll have to do it the day of the event.

We will have some pyro's available at the shop on a first come first served basis.

We will NOT have rental guns available. Players must bring their own guns.

If you decide to buy your ticket at the event, you will have to wait until a bulk of the players have been checked in.

If you're interested in being a Commander or Platoon Leader, read this


The Black Berry Mining Corporation has purchased all the surrounding gold mines and forest areas and have begun pushing out smaller businesses for larger "big box retail" stores. Corporate mining and logging operations have damaged local wildlife, and ecosystems. Many BBMC subsidiaries are only paying minimum wage for almost every job they offer to the local population driving down local morale. Everything is becoming more expensive but BBMC employees have never received a pay raise that wasn't legally mandated.

In order to survive, the locals have formed the Feather River Militia and have gone back into an old economic booster…bootlegging. The FRM have reclaimed some of their land in order to set up moonshining operations and sell their product throughout the State. This money is used to help smaller businesses pay expenses as well as fund the numerous ongoing legal battles against BBMC.

OP Yellow Rocks was created to be a more immersive style military/para-military force on force event with a somewhat complex objective. It has been designed to place emphasis on positive identification of targets, teamwork, effective leadership, squad level light infantry tactics and mission completion.

We understand this event may not be for all players because we didn’t create it for all players.


This event will have a minimum of 5 refs on the field at all times.

Black Berry Mining Corp (BBMC)
  • Capture and hold up to 3 Gold Mines. (GM)
  • For every 20 minutes BBMC holds a gold mine, they earn 10 gold coins. This will be scored by having a ref checking the GM's every 20 mins on the hour and if BBMC's flag is hoisted.
  • Holding all 3 GM's will earn you bonus gold. (BBMC only)
  • FRM cannot earn gold this way but they can deny BBMC the ability to earn gold.
MOBILE RESPAWN (MR)- 10 gold coins to establish/move.
When BBMC captures a GM and have 2 ammo boxes and 10 gold bars in the GM, the CDR can call Range Control and inform them that a GM is now their Mobile Respawn. They cannot move this for 20 mins after establishment. If it gets captured, they cannot establish a new one for 20 mins.

While a GM is a Mobile Respawn, players may reset their medical supplies in there instead of going all the way back to their main base. A Platoon Leader must remain in the immediate area of the Mobile Respawn at all times.
Mobile respawn will not have any kind of physical marking.
FRM can still attack and take a GM that is a Mobile Respawn as normal.
FRM does not get informed of these locations.
FRM does not get Mobile Respawns.

Protect the gold and ammo.
BBMC will have a large amount of gold bars and 3 boxes of ammo. In order to establish a Mobile Respawn, some of this will need to be stored at the MR,
BBMC will also receive separate transport missions for these items.
ONLY BBMC Revenuer's can move these items.

Destroy the contraband!
For 20 points, BBMC can purchase a 1 time use bomb.
They can take that bomb to one of the ingredient sites and destroy it for 10 mins.
Once that bomb has been detonated, it can be used again for another 20 points.
FRM can defuse the bomb if they get to it in 2 mins.
FRM will not know if or where the bomb is planted.

Gold dividends
In addition to the standard 10 coins per 20 mins for holding a GM, BBMC can earn up to an additional 10 gold coins PER GOLD MINE if they have 10 gold bars at the GM.
If BBMC has 10 gold bars at all 3 GM's, that's a total of 60 gold coins being generated every 20 mins.
(You need 10 gold bars at a GM to have a Mobile Respawn)

Feather River Militia (FRM)
  • Does not get a Mobile Respawn.
  • Collect the following ingredients.
  • 1 bag of “sugar” from the castle (See map for location)
  • 2 stocks of corn (See map for location)
  • 1 barrels from the creek. (See map for location)
  • 3 “bags of fruit” from the “ from various parts of the field.
  • There will be bags apples, blueberries and strawberries bags. (prop bags)
  • Take those ingredients to the still (doll house) and place them in the “pot” (pen made of pallets)
  • Once those ingredients are all placed in the “pot” Admin will pop a Enola Gaye CM75 in the pot to “cook it”
  • Once the smoke nade has stopped, FFR must take their “moonshine” back to their spawn and are then awarded gold coins based on the market value.
  • Admins return props.
  • 3 bags of the same fruit (full batch) will give 100% of the market value.
  • 2 bags of the same fruit (2/3 batch) will give 66% of the market value (rounded up)
  • 1 bag of the same fruit (1/3) will give 33% of the market value (rounded up)
ONLY FRM Bootleggers can move the completed moonshine from the still to the base.
ANY FRM player may move ingredients.

  • FRM may not touch any additional ingredients until their moonshine has been delivered to their camp (respawn) MEANING you cannot gather a bunch of ingredients and stock pile them somewhere for faster production.
  • Once FRM delivers their moonshine, they may restart the gathering process.
  • BBMC may not touch FRM props but they may deny access to their locations by securing the area surrounding them.
  • FRM doesn’t get any gold for controlling gold mines but they do deny BCMC the ability to earn gold.

  • Range Control will give the FRM commander pricing updates for which fruit is worth the most.
  • If the FRM is unable to secure enough fruit for a full batch (3 bags of the same fruit) they can at least get something made to get paid.


  1. In the event of a real emergency or serious injury, someone will call a CEASE FIRE. When admins hear this, they will blow their whistle 3 times in 3 bursts while yelling CEASE FIRE. CEASE FIRE will only be used for REAL WORLD emergencies.
  2. All players will repeat “CEASE FIRE” three times as loud as they can while giving the hand signal.
  3. Any player with a radio will also put the CEASE FIRE over the radio and attempt to inform their chain of command.
  4. After a player announces CEASE FIRE, they will remove their magazines from all their guns and sit down or take a knee.
  5. Once it has been deemed safe by RANGE CONTROL to resume normal play, RANGE CONTROL will give a 10 second countdown followed by a long whistle blow, then give the command GAME ON over the radio and normal play will resume. When players hear the whistle, they will announce GAME ON and continue playing.
  6. When we have completed playing, the whistle will be blown by admins, the command “ENDEX” will be given over the radio and verbally. All players who hear this will repeat the command as loudly as possible, immediately remove all magazines and head to the main entrance.
  7. Before we start playing, CEASE FIRE and ENDEX will be practiced twice.


Don’t be a dick. If you act like a dick, we reserve the right to kick you out without a refund.
If you need to ask what constitutes being a dick, please don’t register.


  1. ALL PARTICIPANTS must wear full seal, ANSI Z87.1 eye protection.
  2. Any player suspected of not conforming to this standard will be asked to verify the equipment is authorized or be ejected from the event without a refund.
  3. Players 17 and younger must wear some kind of hard face protection such as a mesh mask. Cloth face protection such as shemagh’s, gaiter necks, and neoprene products are not authorized for minors.
  4. Full face masks such as Dye i4/i5's and similar style masks are allowed.


We allow participants as young as 13 at this event. Participants ages 13-15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian that is also registered to play the event.
While we allow minors to attend, our events are designed for a mature audience and require a level of self-control and respect not typically found in minors. Please consider this before signing up or registering a minor as it can negatively affect your experience and the experience of those around you.


If we suspect a player is under the influence of any substance to the point where it is adversely impacting the experience of others, that player may be asked to leave.


  1. Authorized eye pro. (and face pro if the player is a minor)
  2. Faction uniform top.
  3. Up to three ACE style bandages at least 2 inches wide and 15 inches long.
  4. You can use ONE if you'd like but you'll be walking back to respawn more.
  5. Green/Orange True Aim arm bands will suffice if you don't want to use bandages.
  6. Milsim West Tourniquets or other mock/training tourniquets can also be used.
  7. Milsim West tourniquets will be available for purchase at the field the day of the event.
  8. Real tourniquets are forbidden.
  9. Dead rag in red. 10x10 inches minimum.
  10. Dead rags will be free with entry if you need one.
  11. 12oz water source on your person during play.
  12. Pistol for Sniper/DMR/LMG classes.


Contact us if you have questions.

Black Berry Mining Corp Security (BBMC):

You may not wear anything that looks like FRM patterns/colors.
The one exception is Revenuers may wear blue tiger stripe.

Solid colors: green, brown, tan, and grey.
Camo patterns: OCP, UCP, ABU, desert night camo, any tan based color like DCU or chocolate chip desert, all shades of digital marpat, Types II and III.

No weapon restrictions as far as AK/M4's. As long as they're 20th century or later.

Revenuer: A platoon within the BBMC. See Weapon Roles
Any blue based military or law enforcement style blouse, combat shirt or other uniform top. Pattern examples can include but are not limited to LAPD blue, Type I, light/sky blue, blue tiger stripe, blue digital camo, solid black, black multicam, black scorpion, black kryptic, etc.
If you are NOT a Revenuer, you may not wear their colors or patterns.

Cold/wet weather gear:
As long as it appears to have a military or tactical look and is still faction colored, it's fine.
Hoodies/sweaters are not allowed.

Feather River Militia (FRM):

You may not wear anything that looks like BBMC patterns/colors.

Camo patterns:
Woodland M81, ATACS, any kind of tiger stripe except blue and grey, white winter camo as long as it's primarily white and not blue/grey.
Any European patterns that can't reasonably be confused with BBMC patterns such as berezka, leto, TAZ 83 flecktarn, Rhodesian brush stroke, etc.

No patterns with more than 25% grey, blue or black in them so they don't get confused with BBMC.
FRM may not wear blue tiger stripe. All other tiger stripe variations are allowed.

Civilian patterns:
Civilian hunting camo such as real tree and mossy oak is allowed.
Overalls in any color except admin colors. Must be wearing a faction color/pattern long sleeved shirt.

Bootleggers: A platoon within the FRM. See Weapon Roles
Long sleeved flannel shirts of any color except RED and bright safety green/yellow/pink since those are admin colors. Forest green, tan, grey flannels are fine since flannel shirts don't look like solid colored military tops BUT don't complain if you get friendly fired.
If you are NOT a Bootlegger, you may not wear flannel.

No weapon restrictions as far as AK/M4's. As long as they're 20th century or later.

Cold/wet weather gear:
As long as it's faction colored, it's fine.
Does not have to be of a military or tactical design.


  1. FRM may wear civilian attire such as M81 hoodies and long sleeved shirts.
  2. BBMC must wear military or law enforcement style tops/uniform shirts.
  3. Regardless of faction, minors may wear long sleeved tops that are faction colored such as long sleeve shirts and hoodies if they don’t have a military style top.
  4. No other item or piece of equipment will act as a uniform item.
  5. Bottoms must be long pants and cannot be the pattern/color of the opposing faction. IE BBMC can't wear M81 pants.
  6. Standard denim blue jeans are acceptable for either faction to wear.
  7. Top does not need to match the bottom. EX: BBMC can wear a multicam top with gray cargo pants.
  8. Equipment/gear does not need to be faction colors. EX: FRM may use multicam gear.
  9. If you decide to wear ANY gear that’s not your faction's color or pattern, don’t cry about friendly fire.
  10. All participants must wear closed toed footwear. Military boots are not required but all footwear must be closed toed and appropriate for hiking/backpacking or trail walking. No Crocs.
  11. Admin color is red and bright safety green/yellow. The only authorized piece of equipment a player may possess that is primarily red is a single real world medic pouch. Players may not wear hats, chest rigs, or plate carriers that are red.


Staff reserves the right to prohibit any item which may conflict with the spirit of the event.
  1. No extended triggers.
  2. No feathering. Thumb must be wrapped around the pistol grip while firing.
  3. Factory style trigger guards are mandatory.
  4. No drum magazines. (Except for LMG's)
  5. Rifle/SMG magazines my not exceed 250 bb capacity.
  6. No winding, pull cord, or electric magazines (Except for LMG's)
  7. All magazines must be passive spring powered (like midcaps.) (Except LMG's)
  8. No limit on how many magazines a player may carry.
  9. You may bring Odin's and pre filled speed loaders on the field and/or keep them on your person.
  10. HPA magazine adapters are allowed.
  11. No binary triggers for semi auto guns.
  12. Melee kills allowed.
  13. No shields.
  14. All pistols must have holsters.
  15. 6mm airsoft guns only. No blank fire. No Nerf or similar type.


  1. Enola Gaye smoke grenades MUST be pre-ordered with us. You MAY NOT bring outside smoke grenades at all.
  2. EG67 grenades MUST be pre-ordered with us.
  3. Grenades must have bb’s in them and those bb’s must hit players to count unless they are EG67's.
  4. EG67's have a 10 foot kill radius unless the player was behind some kind of hard cover that would have reasonably protected them. If you're behind a bush and an EG67 goes off 10 feet away from you, ya dead kid. If you're inside a metal shipping container and a nade goes off outside it, you're alive.
  5. Only shotgun shell style 203 rounds allowed. Commonly called “shower shells.”
  6. No 40 Mike or similar style shell is allowed.
  7. Green gas powered 203 shower shells may be fired from 0 MED.
  8. Only airsoft bb’s may be fired at players. No chalk, foam or other projectiles are allowed.
  9. TAGinn Master Keys are allowed but MUST be pre-ordered through us and may not be aimed above the shoulders. Additionally, you must only aim at GROUPS of players and not target a single player. They also have a 25 foot MED.
  10. If it's a grenade that isn't powered by green gas, Co2 or a spring, it needs to be purchased through us.


PLEASE report to the chrono station wearing your FACTION TOP.
All guns will be chrono’d with staff provided bb’s in the weights the player will be using.
Players will come to chrono station with an empty magazine for each gun needing to be chrono’d.
MED standards for Minimum Engagement Distance. If you don't know what THAT is, don't use a gun with an MED.
The following FPS limits are based on .20 weight bb’s.
After chrono, players with an MED will have to identify shoot/no shoot targets to be approved to use that gun.

Bolt action, single shot rifles (snipers):
550 FPS / 2.8j. 100 foot MED. (will be tagged with an additional zip tie)
450 FPS / 1.87j. 0 MED. You can register as a RIFLEMAN with this FPS.

550 FPS / 2.8j. 100 foot MED. (will be tagged with an additional zip tie)
420 FPS / 1.63j. 0 MED. You can register as a RIFLEMAN with this FPS.

475 FPS / 2.08j. 50 foot MED. 30 RPS. Full auto. (will be tagged with an additional zip tie)
400 FPS / 1,48j. 0 foot MED. 30 RPS. Full auto. You cannot register as a Rifleman with this.

All AEG & GBBR’s:
400 FPS/1.48j. 0 MED. Semi only.
350 FPS/1.15j. 0 MED. 3 round bursts at players. 25 RPS. MUST be a set 3 round burst. The use of short bursts of full auto will not suffice. Must be one half second minimum between bursts.
BBMC may use full auto with GBBR's at 1.5 joules but must be cautious to not over shoot players.

400/1.48j. 0 med. Must be semi locked.
350/1.15j. 0 med. 3 round bursts at players. 25 RPS. MUST be a set 3 round burst. The use of short bursts of full auto will not suffice. Must be one half second minimum between bursts.
Sniper, DMR and LMG HPA set ups will use Sniper/DMR/LMG FPS/joule limits.

Pistols: Can use HPA M4 adapters such as the Primary, Monk's or Tapp's.
350 FPS/1.15j. 0 MED. 3 round bursts at players. 25 RPS. MUST be a set 3 round burst. The use of short bursts of full auto will not suffice. Must be one half second minimum between bursts.

350 FPS/1.15j. 0 MED. Pump only. Nothing that fires more than 6 bb’s at once.
Slam firing is allowed however you will need to ensure you're not overshooting.

Must be made of a soft foam or rubber. Wooden and metal melee weapons are prohibited from being on the field during play regardless of if they are tools or a cosmetic nature or if a foam or rubber protective layer has been permanently attached.


Bang/safety kills are optional.


Max bb weight for all guns is .32.
All bb’s must be biodegradable. Staff will be checking.
You may pre order bb’s during registration and pick them up during check in or just bring your own.


  1. This event will have MEDIC classes of players.
  2. A single player may shoot another single player up to three times before it can be considered overshooting. If two players each shoot a single player three times, that single player is not considered to be overshot because they were shot three times by two separate players.
  3. If a player intentionally shoots another player after that player has made it known that they are hit, that would be considered overshooting regardless of how many times the player was shot after they declared themselves hit. This will be addressed on a case by case basis. If you shoot someone with 1 bb', they raise their hand and you intentionally shoot them again, that's overshooting.
  4. Gun hits DO NOT count.
  5. When a player gets shot they are considered to be DEAD. They must raise a free hand, announce, HIT, sit on the ground (not kneel) and hold their DEAD RAG above their head or place it on their head. While DEAD, the player may only call for their MEDIC.
  6. Once the MEDIC arrives, the player will provide the MEDIC with one of their bandages or mock tourniquets. MEDIC will apply the bandage to either arm above the elbow and the player is alive again. If a player goes 180 seconds without being treated by a MEDIC, they have “bled out” and must return to their Command Center, reset any bandages if needed and respawn.
  7. If you act out a 3 second dramatic death scene, your bleed out time is 60 seconds.
  8. If the DEAD player gives consent, you may drag or carry them no more than 20 feet. The DEAD player is not allowed to assist in this. They are only allowed to move themselves to a reasonably safe distance if they’ve been hit in a high traffic area such as a doorway, hallway or busy path. This is intended to keep the DEAD player from being stepped on or tripped over.
  9. When a player is hit AGAIN, repeat Steps 6-7. At this point, they should be wearing 2x bandages.
  10. When a player is hit for the 3rd time, repeat steps 6-7.
  11. When a player is hit after this, place a dead rag on your head, walk back to spawn, reset bandages. Play.
  12. Whenever you're hit and you don't have a bandage, head back to spawn, reset bandages, play.
You don’t need to walk to respawn until you get hit AFTER you run out of bandages.
One bandage? Hit. Heal. Hit. Respawn.
Two bandages? Hit. Heal. Hit. Heal. Hit. Respawn.
Two bandages and a tourniquet? (or 3 tourniquets) Hit. Heal. Hit. Heal. Hit Heal. Hit. Respawn.


Please return lost and found items to the closest event admin.
All unclaimed items will be placed in the lost and found at Combat Zone Paintball and Airsoft until we’re allowed to make rental players fight for them.


Commander (CDR):
  1. Designated by event admins.
  2. In charge of everyone in their faction.
  3. Receives missions from ADMINS and delegates tasks to XO and Platoon Leaders.
Platoon Leaders (4): 1 Platoon Leader + 20 players = 1 platoon.
  1. Designated by event admins or CDR.
  2. In charge of their platoon.
  3. Receive missions from CDR/XO and executes them.
  4. Platoon leaders can designate Squad and Team leaders but those would only be to organize to element and wouldn’t have any special abilities.
Squad Leaders (TBD)
  1. Designated by Platoon Leader.
  2. In charge of their Squad.
  3. Receive missions from PL and esecutes.


When you buy your ticket, you will be asked to select a role.
Sniper, DMR, and LMG roles may be limited to 10 each per faction.
All weapons must be replicas of modern weapons.

  1. Must use a single action bolt rifle. No semi automatic weapons allowed even with sniper delay.
  2. Must have an optic replicating a magnification power of 4 or greater.
  3. Magazines may not exceed a capacity of 75.
  4. No limit on how many magazines you can carry.
  5. Must carry a pistol or shotgun as a secondary.
  6. May not carry any AEG as a secondary.
  1. Rifle must be a replica of a modern semi automatic rifle and must be at least 38 inches in total length with a minimum barrel length of 18 inches.
  2. Removable muzzle devices will not count as part of the measurements. You can't slap a 4in mock suppressor on and call it a DMR.
  3. Must have an optic replicating a magnification power of 4 or greater.
  4. Magazines may not exceed a capacity of 110.
  5. No limit on how many magazines you can carry.
  6. Must carry a pistol or shotgun as a secondary.
  7. May not carry any AEG as a secondary.

  1. LMG:
  2. Gun must be replicated after a military issued light, medium or heavy machine gun: No full auto M4’s.
  3. B.A.R’s are fine. R.P.K’s are fine.
  4. M27's are not.
  5. Box/drum magazine up to 3500 rounds.
  6. Allowed to use hi/mid cap rifle magazines.
  7. No limit to how many boxes or magazines you may carry.
  8. Must carry a pistol or shotgun as a secondary.
  9. May not carry any AEG as a secondary.
  10. Krytac LMG's DO qualify. YES.
  1. This is pretty much everyone that isn't using a gun with an MED.
  2. May not have an optic with a power greater than 4x.
  3. Only class that may attach an M203 launcher.
  4. Magazines may not exceed a 250 bb capacity.
  5. No limit on how many magazines you may carry.
  6. Pistol not mandatory.
  7. Only class that can be a MEDIC.
  8. Those who volunteer and are then selected by event staff to be MEDIC's will be issued a WHITE Enoyla Gaye armband. during check in. You'll be listed as a MEDIC in the roster.
  9. 40 MEDICS per faction.

Revenuers and bootleggers:
  1. Can use any weapon class like any other player.
  2. Will all be in the same platoon of 30.
  3. Revenuers can MEDIC other Revenuers.
  4. Bootleggers can MEDIC other Bootleggers.
  5. Cannot MEDIC non-Revenuers or Bootleggers.
  6. Can also be MEDIC'd by MEDIC players.


This is a rough draft.


8am check in and chono opens.
9am check in shuts down for safety brief.
9am safety brief. After safety brief, we resume check in for anyone who still needs it.
9:30am move to start point.
10am start game (at the latest)
1pm cease fire. Lunch break.
1:45pm move to spawn.
2pm continue game.
5pm end game. Raffle.


We will not be creating orders for this event like we did for OP Homefront.
Pay attention to the roster to ensure you know what platoon, squad and team you're on.
Date and Time
Sat, April 15, 2023, 8:00 AM -
Sat, April 15, 2023, 5:00 PM

Combat Zone Paintball and Airsoft

4444 Pacific Heights Road

Oroville, CA 95965


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Refund Policy

No refunds.

Refund Policy

No refunds.


Combat Zone Paintball and Airsoft

4444 Pacific Heights Road, Oroville, CA 95965